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It started with a simple idea: make the best darn shirt in the world. Period. We’ve never changed our philosophy. This is why Hanes® is always seen on people who appreciate quality. People like you. 

Hanes® History
Over one hundred years ago, John Wesley Hanes revolutionized the clothes market with his two-piece underwear for men. His company became the US market leader for men’s, women’s and children’s wear in the following years. With a success story that continues till today, Hanes® has defined the clothing industry like no other company ever has. Check for more information www.hanes.eu

Why Hanes®?

- Manufactured garments in high quality cotton, mainly ring-spun cotton (carded or combed).

- Wide colour range, soft feel and pleasant wearing comfort. Women’s styling contoured for perfect shape.

- Constant innovations, contemporary designs and patterns, individual gradation.

- Perfect base for textile prints and embroideries


Environment & health:

- Absolutely skin-friendly

- OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and WRAP certified

- Organic styles certified with the Organic Exchange 100 standard

- Used water for production is cleaned and recycled



- Quality consistency

- Quality control in all production plants and service facilities

- Development process in Europe

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